Translation from English into Italian


Medical: presentations, client training programmes, patient information brochures, white papers, online surveys, screeners, discussion guides and marketing questionnaires for healthcare professionals
IT: presentations, white papers, quarterly and annual reports, press releases, solution briefs, case studies, corporate newsletters
A poorly executed translation makes you look unprofessional. Your Italian text should read idiomatically and be as flawless as possible. Proofreading by a qualified linguist will correct any spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax mistakes.

If you are not quite sure whether your translated text works in Italian, I can edit it for you.
Copy-editing involves proofreading plus rephrasing sentences, making stylistic suggestions, occasionally checking facts, and producing naturally flowing Italian discourse appropriate for the circumstances and your audience. The result will be a clearer, more effective and engaging text, be it the content of your website, an article, a presentation or your corporate newsletter.
user interfaces, product user guides and technical documentation for hardware components (e.g. laptops, printers, scanners, copiers, monitors, routers, network connectivity devices, barcode readers etc.)
software localization: online help systems, user interfaces, product documentation for CRM and antivirus software
web-based personnel training programmes
online content, company websites
Information Technology
popularization articles
patient information materials
instructions for use, software interfaces and technical specifications for medical equipment (e.g. cardiographs, ECG management systems, point-of-care data management applications, telemetry systems, automated external defibrillators, ante partum foetal monitors etc.)
Medicine - Pharmacology

Proofreading and Copy-editing

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